Levitation Module


  • Magnetic Levitation Module
  • Levitation distance: 2-5cm
  • AC/DC adapter:100-240V input, 12V output
  • Base Size: 10-220cm
  • material: magnet
  • Plug: US/UK/EU/AU
  • The magnet support max weight:500g-4000g

Our Levitating Magnet/Floating Display takes your goods to new heights by utilizing cutting-edge electromagnetic technology. The product will gradually revolve in the air, providing a 360° view of the displayed object. Designers and artists are now using levitation displays. Brands can also use the levitation display to present a new product in a unique way.  Other applications include weddings, for example. They can be the focal point of a wedding cake or a nice table adornment. The objects in the magnetic levitation module will be constantly levitating and whirling without any kind of support, drawing everyone’s attention. The magnetic levitation module will capture and generate the WOW effect you want, whether it’s a small item of jewelry, perfume, a phone, or just your company logo revolving.

Not like levitating products from other companies, our levitation technology is working with 3 Hall Sensors, not IR. IR shall be exposed. if it’s covered, no matter if it’s instantly or permanently covered, the levitation fails. However, with our hall sensor levitation technology, the levitation works perfectly even if it is hidden in a housing or a base. Then our levitating display looks simple, neat, precise, and stable.

Moreover, with excellent stability, the whole levitating display can be either moved or turned over 360o, while levitating non-stop, while consumers are suffering instability with other companies’ levitation products.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Max. Levitating Weight

1000g, 2000g, 3000g, 4000g, 500g

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